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Security Guards Service & Training

Top Dog Security Services Ltd are able to provide contract or emergency security staff to cover any workplace. We can provide trained expert staff with dogs, with uniforms to compliment your existing security procedures or we can advise and prepare a tailor made package to meet the individual requirements of each client and situation however delicate or routine this may be.

As an equal opportunities employer Top Dog Security Services Ltd are able to provide staff of either male or female gender and of different ethnic and/or religious backgrounds. This has enabled us to provide the correct person for each contract. For example when we have provided female staff for Arab Royalty and in domestic violence cases etc.


Security Dog Patrols

SIA Licensed Security Dog & Handler Teams

All Dog Handlers are fully conversant and compliant with both the 1975 Guard Dogs Act and the Revised 1991 Dangerous Dogs Act.

  • Warning signs clearly stating that Guard Dogs are in use are placed at each entrance / exit
  • No handler will leave his Security Patrol / Guard Dog unattended on a security contract
  • Security Patrol / Guard Dogs are transported to / from kennels / place of work in a secure canine travel crate.
  • Security Patrol / Guard Dogs are rested in secure kennels when not on duty
  • Security Patrol / Guard Dogs are muzzled in Public places

Our Professional Management team and supervisors ensure that Security Patrol / Guard Dogs and handler teams are being kept up-to-date with regular continuation training, while our experience within both the Services and the civilian sectors place us at the forefront of Security Patrol / Guard Dog operations.

Security Patrol / Guard Dogs are a proven asset in the reduction of theft, criminal damage and violent behaviour. It is commonly accepted that one Security Patrol Dog and Handler team can be as effective as five static security officers, due to the canine’s excellent olfactory system.

We are members of the following organisations:

  • NASDU – National Association of Security Dog Users
  • BIPDT – British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers
  • NTIPDU – National Training Inspectorate for Professional Dog Users
  • Institute of Explosive Engineers
  • International Association of Bomb Technicians & Investigators