Middle East Special Ops 2004

Set-up of Counter Terrorist Dog Section for a Middle East Special Operations Command: 2004

Job Description: Provide trained dogs and instruction to Special Operations Counter Terrorist soldiers to become specialist dog handlers.

We have provided numerous fully-trained and part-trained dogs for the Clients Police Dog Section during the previous five years. This has initially been to select dogs for use under their training program, however after various demonstrations and explanations were given by us, Top Dog Security Ltd, we now provide dogs trained under our usual methods and ideals which assist in improved safety for handlers undertaking “high risk” taskings.

During the summer of 2004 we were tasked to provide fully trained dogs and handler training for the Special Operations Counter Terrorist unit. This consisted of an eight week training program, five weeks of which were spent in the UK and the final three weeks were in the host country at the Counter Terrorist specialist training centre.

Prior to the students arriving we had to pre-train the dogs to the required standard. We had to instruct students in all relevant aspects of dog handling and maintaining their teams including, kennel husbandry, K9 psychology, obedience, agility, safety, UK Dangerous Dogs and Guard Dogs Acts (required as the dogs were being used initially in the UK), decoy/baiter work etc.

At the climax of the course a “live” demonstration using live rounds, CS gas, thunder flashes and detonating charges was provided to the Commander of the Special Operations Command and his entourage. They were extremely impressed and continue to use our services when required.

A full written, verbal and practical demonstration was provided to the Police Dog Section on how to maintain and constantly evaluate the operational effectiveness of this unit.