Bahrain Customs 2007

Bahrain Customs 2007 – Turnkey Project

Job Description: Provide advice and assistance in designing kennel facilities, trained dogs, dog handlers, instruction to Customs Officers to become specialist search dog handlers.

After arriving on June 20th, Top Dog Security Ltd’s Managing Director and accompanied by Paul Duke (TDS Project Manager) viewed potential sites and liased with senior Customs staff and approved construction contractors on June 21st. We provided written and verbal instruction which was followed.

On June 25th twelve fully trained search dogs, comprising of Arms & Explosive Search, Explosive Detection Dogs and Drugs & Weapons Detection dogs arrived into Bahrain. TDS had arranged for these to be kennelled at a local boarding establishment until our facilities were ready.

On Sunday 1st July we begun a tentative start at a Customs checkpoint to introduce the teams to the environment, help acclimatise them and to act as both a visual and realistic deterrent in the fight against global terrorism and narcotics trade.

Dogs were moved into our facilities on 11th July.

We have been providing dog and handler teams to search passenger and cargo vehicles, sea freight and air cargo and baggage with positive results. (we are unable to highlight specific cases due to contractual obligations & confidentiality).

We began a search dog handler drugs and weapons detection course for Customs officers on 4th November 2007. I have pleasure in confirming that all students passed their examinations and have received their awards at a certification ceremony.

We advised on holding controlled substances at our location. We also maintain records of all TDS personnel, dogs (both veterinary & training), and Customs dog handlers. In short we are responsible, as per our contract, to provide day-to-day management of all dog section issues from administration to operational deployment and to conduct “controlled exercises” with the Ministry of Interior.