Security Dog FAQ

1. Why use a Security Dog & Handler unit rather than a Security Officer?
There are many reasons some of which are:

  • Greater Visual deterrent
  • Heightened Olfactory senses
  • Health & Safety
  • Reduced crime and/or attempted crime
2. Are Dog Handlers more expensive than Security Guards?
In short the answer is no. Although the initial hourly cost is greater than that of a Security Officer, it remains proven that our Security Dog Units eliminate crime which in itself reduce insurance excess, loss of contracts through deadlines and targets failing to be met, and boost staff and client morale. It is also worth bearing in mind that a Security Dog & Handler unit arrive with their own specially designed transport thus making them more mobile.
3. Will the Dogs & Dog Handlers look too aggressive and paramilitary?
No. We provide uniforms to suit the occasion, whether we are wearing black jumpsuits or business suits. Our services are based on being professional, not intimidating. Criminals will rethink their intent when faced with polite and professional Dog Units.
4. I was advised to contract Security Dogs only if things got out of control for our traditional Security Officer. Do you agree?
No, we recommend that best practice is provided from the earliest possible moment and not “when the horse has bolted”. Remember that in today’s world even our Police Officers are stretched and a fast response from them even if 999 is activated is not guaranteed, therefore it is essential to protect one’s assets, whether persons or property, from the outset.
5. What if the Security Patrol Dog bites one of our staff?
This will not happen. All of our dogs and dog handlers are professionally trained by our in-house training staff who have proven experience in this type of work. Further, our dogs are all assessed and must meet our stringent character tests before starting the Patrol Dog course. Dogs that are permitted to start the course do not guarantee to finish; only those good enough will be passed as competent. Also, our dogs are permanently leashed while on duty. Muzzles are also used in areas where it is deemed necessary.
6. What experience and qualifications do your Dog Handlers have?
The majority of our staff have had extensive Service Organisation careers with the Dog Sections from Police, Military or Customs units and after arriving here they will need to obtain SIA licenses, and do our in-house training. Civilian handlers will be instructed by our in-house instructors on a two week Security Patrol Dog Handlers course.We are also in the final stages of getting our courses approved by an International Training Organisation (such as City & Guilds or EDI) which will then provide additional assurance of a National Occupational Standard. Please check with us to see if it is active.
7. I have heard people use the term “Security Dog” and also the term “Guard Dog”. Are they the same dog or does it refer to a different type of trained working dog?
A “Security Dog” is a working dog that is trained to work alongside a Security Dog Handler. A “Guard Dog” refers to dogs that were used to work alone, without a handler present, within the commercial or civilian sectors prior to the introduction of the 1975 Guard Dogs Act. Today, only the Military deploy “Guard Dogs” within the United Kingdom or its overseas territories as they have Crown immunity.
8. The 1975 Guard Dogs Act. Is that the same as the Dangerous Dogs Act?
The 1991 Dangerous Dogs Act and the 1975 Guard Dogs Act are two different legislations. Please call us and we will be happy to clarify them and their implications for you.
9. What about obvious signs of dogs; i.e. waste, hairs etc? We cannot afford any mishaps with our staff or clients, especially considering the global recession.
Rest assured that all of our Dog Handlers clean up after them and their dogs. Dog waste is removed and placed in special receptacles. Any hairs would be minimal due to the dog being well groomed; however, our Security Patrol Dog Handlers are instructed to vacuum.
10. What about Insurance?
Prior to deploying our Dog teams we will conduct site visits to do all necessary site Health and Safety Risk Assessments, Assignment instructions etc. This is how we managed to obtain our ISO9001 and ACS accreditations and also ensures that we maintain them. It also increases your confidence in us as it highlights that our administrative staff are more than competent. We possess up-to-date Public and Employers liability insurance which can be provided to you along with all of our other documents.
11. This is sounding more promising. What if we want to try your company but do not want to commit to a lengthy contract?
We can commence Security Patrol duties upon signing of a short-term contract. This will provide us the opportunity to highlight our professional K9 services which we believe in turn will lead to us being awarded a long-term contract with you.
12. We had a previous Security Company provide us with an excellent member of staff who fulfilled our requirements for a Security Guard but no sooner had we signed a contract with his company he was removed from our premises and replaced with less able personnel. How can we be certain this will not happen with Top Dog Security Services Ltd?
We can provide you a comprehensive list of checkable references from satisfied clients which include Governments and blue chip corporations.
13. What if our needs adjust at certain times, i.e. during winter we work shorter hours than in summer, which means that we would require your presence longer during certain periods. Is it possible to be flexible?
We are client driven and flexibility is part of our service. This is reflected in our Mission Statement. Any assistance that we can offer we will be more than happy to provide.
14. We would like to have a meeting with you to discuss a contract on a “no obligation” basis. Is this possible?
Most certainly, our management staff will attend your location to discuss a range of suitable options. If you wish you can attend our premises to hold the meeting.
15. We have received a cheaper quote from another company. We would have liked you to have partnered us on this project but budgetary constraints are a relevant issue. Are you prepared to negotiate your charges?
Our charges reflect the quality of service we deliver and we do rightfully advertise ourselves as elite and the best within the industry. Please remember that many people or companies can offer you a cheaper hourly or weekly charge but can they do it at a reduced cost while still maintaining the same high standards of Top Dog Security Services Ltd? However we may be able to offer better rates for longer term contracts in the pursuit of securing your business.
16. We have asked you many questions and you have provided us with wonderful answers. Can we meet your Dog & Handler teams prior to signing contracts?
We would be absolutely delighted. We have encouraged potential clients to visit us and view our teams at our licensed boarding kennels as we feel that it provides confidence in our entire service. You also have the opportunity to see how we maintain the dogs’ welfare and training.
17. Finally, can you tell us anything further about your company that may influence us into selecting you as our Security Services provider?
We have the following that we believe will convince you to choose us:

  • Association of Chief Police Office Home Office Licensed Instructors
  • ISO9001;2008 Accredited
  • Home Office Drugs License
  • Police Explosives License
  • Licensed Boarding Kennels
  • Licensed Breeding Kennels
  • Modern training kennels and facility with classroom
  • Memberships to all relevant industry organisations

We have built this business into what it is today; a market leader in the field of Specialist Canine Services, delivering professional Dogs & Dog Handlers. It is not by chance. It was built with passion and knowledge and we have clearly established ourselves as the market leaders. Where else can you obtain such a wonderful facility with all relevant licenses and accreditation’s so close to the centre of London and within such easy reach of London’s airports?