Drug Detection

Drugs in the Workplace

The increasingly widespread availability of illegal drugs can lead to experimental, recreational and dependent use, which in turn may affect an individual’s ability to do their job effectively. It is important that all businesses are aware of the potential impact of drugs to their bottom line, and have in place an effective and robust workplace policy that clearly outlines a company’s rules and procedures for dealing with substance misuse.

All drugs detection teams are capable of locating all major illicit substances including heroin, cocaine, crack cocaine, ecstasy, amphetamines, lsd, marijuana etc.

Teams will report direct to your company management and follow instructions relating to the clients company policy.

Diplomacy, discretion and confidentiality are a key factor in all our work and as such we endeavor to offer advice to individuals/groups relating to the law and the companies policies regarding the misuse of illegal substances in the workplace.


Drug Dog Detection Teams

Home Office Accredited Specialist Drugs Search / Detection / Sniffer Dog & Handler teams.

Our Drugs detection dogs are of the following types:

  • Freesearch dog; to search open areas, buildings, cars etc
  • Person screening dog; to locate concealed illegal substances on an individual without direct contact to the person

Please note that all of our dogs have a passive indication. This ensures that potential evidence is not tainted. Professional statements are prepared in the event of seizures.

All Dog Handlers are fully conversant and compliant with both the 1975 Guard Dogs Act and the Revised 1991 Dangerous Dogs Act.

Our Professional Management team and supervisors ensure that our Home Office Accredited Specialist Drugs Search / Detection / Sniffer Dog & Handler teams are being kept up-to-date with regular continuation training, while our experience within both the Services and the Civilian sectors place us at the forefront of Sniffer Dog operations.

Our Home Office Accredited Specialist Dugs Search / Detection / Sniffer Dog & Handler teams are a proven asset in the reduction of illegal contraband and counter-terrorist operations. Due to the canine’s excellent olfactory system and our Dog Handlers knowledge of Specialist Search techniques, our Home Office Accredited Specialist Drugs Search / Detection / Sniffer Dog & Handler teams can provide valuable assistance to your security operations, ranging from Vehicle Search to full Explosive Search / Bomb detection capabilities. This includes planning and implementing our service to work alongside you, the end user.

Our dogs are trained on the following substances:

Cannabis Hashish
Ecstasy / MDMA Heroin
Opium Amphetamines
Cocaine / Crack cocaine LSD
Marijuana Spice

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list. Some types that you may be aware of are brand names. Particular attention must be paid to core compounds.

All of our Specialist Drugs / Narcotics Dogs detection /  sniffer dogs and handlers are assessed and accredited annually by a Home Office Licensed Assessor prior to being operational within our company. We believe this should be the norm within the UK industry; unfortunately it is not.

We are members of the following organisations;

  • NASDU – National Association of Security Dog Users
  • BIPDT – British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers
  • Institute of Explosive Engineers
  • International Association of Bomb Technicians & Investigators